Resources for professional development

Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP)

Becoming a Clinical Instructor is a great way to enhance professional development. The APTA gives information on how to become a CI. The Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP) courses are taught throughout the United States and are available for PT's and PTA's. The course is for people who are interested in developing their teaching abilities and want to explore different aspects of the clinical learning environment. Through the course they learn skills and techniques to provide a structured and effective learning environment for students. Once the course is completed the PT or PTA will receive 1.5 CEU's and the CI Credential. Detailed information is found from the following webpage of the APTA website:
Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP). If you want additional information about the overview of the CCIP you can visit the following link: Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP) Overview. I think this is a great resource to have as many of us may be interested in coming CI's later on in our professional career.

Pro Bono Resources:

The APTA does a great job of providing resources and considerations for physical therapists who would like to contribute or start pro bono therapy services. They discuss documentation, liability, Good Samaritan Laws, and the risks of discounting and waiving fees. It also breaks down pro bono services by setting. You do have to be an APTA member to log in to the specific resources and links.

Physical Therapy Fellowships:
This website is from the American Academy of Manual Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. This is a list of fellowships which are post-professional, funded learning experiences in a clinical focus. This is a great resource and something to consider if you are looking for something to further your education/professional development.


The American Physical Therapy Association is one of the best resources regarding professional development. They even have a specific tab for career development which lists several different opportunities available.

In addition, here is an article from the APTA that discusses specific aspects of physical therapy professional development

The APTA also has a great PDF that breaks down the core values of professionalism. In the chart it breaks down the name of the core value, the definition, and some sample indicators. The PDF is only four pages so it is easy to read and concise.


The Kansas Board of Healing Arts performs licensing and regulatory functions in accordance with applicable statutes, rules and regulatory functions.

The American Board of Physical Therapy Residency & Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE) is the APTA’s accrediting body for residency and fellowships. This is a great resource for finding certified PT residency and fellowship programs throughout the United States. This website gives all of the necessary details to learn about the necessary requirements and processes.


The American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists is the governing body for certifications in all areas of clinical specialties. Their website provides information on what certifications are available, what requirements need to be met to achieve [[#|certification]], and the ability to apply for certification. This website also has a feature where you can search for clinicians in your area with a specific certification, which could be useful in choosing where your final clinicals are or in choosing a facility to work in upon graduation. This is a good resource to check out if thinking about specializing in a specific area.

If you Google the best resources for physical therapists online this website is ranked 2nd to APTA. It has PT news, physical therapy articles that are posted, discussion boards and [[#|job opportunities]]. This would be a great website to use now or further on in our physical therapy careers to find great articles or resources for professional development.

World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT): gives guidelines for continuing professional development for physical therapists. The World Confederation for Physical Therapy also gives other policies and guidelines to assist in the delivery of education policies such as those of an entry-level PT program.


This could be used as a resource for students or practicing physical therapists as a refresher for practice standards.

Mike Reinold blog

This is a great web-site to follow that helps promote orthopedic related professional development. Features of the web-site include articles written by Mike Reinold, technique videos, journal article reviews, clinical pearls, book reviews, and information over rehab products. There is also easy access available to follow this blog by signing up for an RSS feed, signing up for a free newsletter (sent out 2-3 times per month), or following the Mike Reinold on facebook or twitter.
Here is a link:
Mike Reinold Blog

Kansas City Young Professionals Networking Society
Joining a Young Professionals group in the area where you live can allow you to network with other professionals outside of the physical therapy world. This website offers a wide range of activities from fitness (races and triathlons) to community service, such as Habitat for Humanity.

Evidence in Motion Physical Therapy Blog

This is a website thats primary function is to provide a wide range of post graduate and [[#|continuing education]] programs for physical therapists. Offers a good blend of on-line and hands on training. The websites goals is to continually elevate and move the PT profession forward by discovering and translating the best, latest evidence into PT practice.

LinkedIn: Evidence Based Physical Therapy group

LinkedIn is a good website for professional development. You make a profile and you are able to connect with thousands of other PT's and join groups, for example, the Evidence Based Physical Therapy group. This group allows PTs to "exchange dialog around the issues, challenges, and successes in the practice of evidence based physical therapy." This would be a good group for all PTs on LinkedIn to join for learning and discussion purposes. Tools for advancing physical therapist practice (APTA)
This is a site built to help physical therapists in everyday practice. It offers research summaries, a convenient research article search feature, and a specific Cochrane Review searchable section. It also offers information on tests and measures, patient case scenarios, clinical summaries, and guidelines for a variety of diagnoses.

PT Pub Night
PTs around the country meet once a month for a beverage and to network with other PTs in the area. A list of cities is listed on the website, and KC is on the list! Check it out for some socialization, networking, and discussion with other PTs. ; ;

Kansas Physical Therapy Association Student Interest Group

This website has registration for the Midwest Student Conclaves and information regarding important events each year, including elections and Legislative Day. It also has information and links to events outside of Kansas.

Physical Therapy Core Values

The APTA website gives good definitions on the core values of physical therapist. Visit the website below to discover what values physical therapist need to hold.

The Student Physical Therapist Blog
This blog is a collection of PT resources from around the world and was developed by recent graduates. The site offers several evidence-based resources including special tests organized by joint, sport-specific strength/conditioning exercises and assessments, research articles, residency experiences, case studies, discussion forum, and a number of other useful tools.

PT Think Tank
This site is a conglomeration of resources dedicated to health, science, and the world of physical therapy. There are resources to blogs, social media accounts, and podcasts.