A great place to post external image arrow-10x10.png references!

This site allows searching for jobs within a specific city and/or state, lists apartment/realtor availability within those regions, helps locate CEU external image arrow-10x10.png and has a salary calculator among other resources.

A great site for individuals interested in traveling PT!

Find out more about fixed date testing and requirements for a PT license (requirements such as CEUs)

This is a link with a local search for physical therapy jobs. It lists available jobs within the area.

Once again, don't forget to check the APTA website to look for external image arrow-10x10.png from credible sources

This link, http://www.onwardhealthcare.com/physical-therapy-jobs/physical-therapy-resources/, is a comprehensive list of the 51 best Physical Therapy Online Resources as voted by members of healthcare staff. The websites are divided into 8 categories which include:

APTA salary information broken down by geographical location, practice setting and years of experience

This journal article found on the APTA website talks about human resources currently affecting physical therapy. Issues such as the shifting health care system, scope of practice, a multidisciplinary approach, etc. are discussed as well as how these issues will affect prospective practice.

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) has a quick, easy reference for what effective health human resources should consist of, and the suggested course of action when it comes to applying the policy example they have set out here. If anything, it gives a better understanding of the role of human resources and the expectations of this department in the health care field.

Trainup.com can be used to take Human Resource training courses, as well as a number of other courses that are designed to help with career development. They offer training seminars located all over the country as well as online seminars you can participate in. Unfortunately you have to pay to take the courses.

Truman State University's Career Center website has some very useful links for the external image arrow-10x10.png, interviewing, and more.
For help with cover letters and an example:
Interviewing tips:
external image arrow-10x10.png:
How to research your employers:
Comprehensive Resume and Cover Letter Reference Guide
Comprehensive Interviewing Guide

This is the state website where you can find licensure information. It tells you Kansas state laws for all health care professions, continuing education requirements, and where you go for renewing your liscence.

This is the website for the Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts. It is basically a list of the Missouri laws for all health care professions. It gives you the links and information about licensure, profession information, and board information. It provides online services, applications and an area where you can go to file complaints.

United States Department of Labor website includes information about disability resources, external image arrow-10x10.png assistance, Equal employment opportunity, as well as major laws of the Department of Labor. It provides quick links to agencies such as OSHA and provides up to date news.

Decided you want to practice in another state? This site has all the info on how to do this!

This is a great resource for current PT salaries in various states, including traveling PT salary comparisons. There is also great information about applying for travel PT jobs.