Educational Modules on Health Policy

Attached is a research article that is relevant if you are contacting your state representative to promote direct access. In Kansas the new bill passed the House and is moving to the Senate. It is an ideal time to contact your reps.


Don't forget to check in with APTA. They do a great job of updating their website and giving you current news on health policy, current events going on and educational classes. Current articles right now focus on the Medicare Therapy Cap, ways to measure productivity (since we all know that the number of units billed is not always representative of our efforts), and I believe there is also a blog that you can post comments or questions too.

Below is a good web-site put on by UCLA which tackles a variety of health care topics. The site is very easy to navigate with a layout on the main page that will quickly get you to issues you want to investigate.

Changing Healthcare Climate

With the Affordable Care Act signed in to law in 2010, there has been many changes in healthcare for millions of Americans. The government has set up a great website to track the changes in the healthcare system and it's a place educate patients and providers about the new programs, benefits, and rights as a result of the law. The Affordable Care Act is posted in it's entirety for the public to read or it is broken into subsections to make things easier to search or you can refer to the key features for a simplification of the law.

Workers Compensation
The APTA has a whole section on Workders Compensation issues. These patient cases can sometimes be tricky to navigate so this resource will be helpful for legal issues, FAQ, state by state resources, HIPAA concerns, etc.

Rural Health Policy

As Kansans, some of us may decide to live and work in a rural area. This site has links for a variety of resources that can help you decide on courses of action that specifically relate to rural America.

Kansas Health Institute's page on Health Reform
"The Kansas Health Institute is an independent, nonprofit health policy and research organization that informs policymakers about important issues affecting the health of Kansans." The link below contains reports from KHI researchers and journalists concerning the progress of health reform at the federal and state levels.